Monday, 21 February 2011

Chelsea Bun...Gone to her Master

I had Chelsea put to sleep on Friday.
In many ways I think it was too soon. But in others it wasn't. When an animal is on a gentle but steady decline where do you draw the line? Different people do it at different times. I'm full of guilt.
It was very peaceful and she fell asleep in my arms after being sedated (*always* have your pet sedated before the final injection, it makes it better for animal and owner) and then slipped away. I had her cremated and her ashes are with her Master's ashes and our other little dog, Amber. I told her she was going to stay with her Master...I hadn't said that word since Ronnie died because I used to say "where's Master?" and she'd go potty looking for him.
I'm devestated.
Chelsea Bun you were a one off. You were loyal and true and determined. You were loving and funny and the best of friends. There will never be another Chelsea Bun. I cannot wait to see you again, and until then I take great solace from knowing that you and Amber and your Master are all together again. I love you all.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Samson has Arrived

Check out the latest addition to the household. He's called Samson and he's a temporary visitor! He belongs to Feline Welfare a small registered cat and kitten rescue here on the island. He'd been living rough for over a year and is absolutely gorgeous. However, he hates my little old dog so I'm afraid he's only staying until a loving, forever home can be found for him.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Another Furry Sadness

Oh dear. Another little friend has gone to the great cabbage patch in the sky. Twiglet was put to sleep on the 9th December and I will miss her very much. She was born in my bedroom. Twiglet is the one at the top of this picture, the ginger and white one. Her mum is Piglet, the little piggie next to her. Rest in peace little piggie.
On another subject I have begun to accept homeless cats on a fostering basis. "Samson" is arriving tonight for Christmas. Hope he gets on with the dog better than the last one did!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Bye Bye Mr Bugs

Poor Mr Bugs. He has gone to the great cabbage patch in the sky. He just had too much wrong with him. He had to be washed so often because of his bottom problems and he hated it so much he became more and more scared of me, it was a horrible situation. In the end I did the kind thing...but it was awful. Rest in peace little bunny. There will only ever be one Mr Bugs. XXX

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Piggie Crew

Here are my little herd...From the top and going anti-clockwise its Twiglet, Piglet, (Twiglet's mother) Toggle, Sunshine and Muffin. These are my solid five piggies. They've been together for quite a while. When it was so freezing cold at the start of the year I brought them all indoors from their huge run in the shed and put them in the only safe, enclosed place I could think of...the shower!

Now though, five is about to become seven!

Roo and Snowball are going to be introduced to the gang this weekend. They have all seen each other but haven't shared living space yet so fingers and paws crossed that all goes well. Roo is posing for last year's Christmas card and Snowball is just her usual gorgeous self...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Prime Minister


We have no government at the moment because our system is so stupid. I have a solution. I am sending my rabbit to rule the country.

He hates change of any sort so the Labour party will support him.
He has natural breeding and pedigree so the Conservatives will support him.
He has no prejudices at all and dislikes everyone equally so the Liberals will support him.
And he has one eye and is nearly deaf so he'll pick up the minority vote too. RESULT!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Squeeze. Gulp.

I follow a lot of blogs on and off and "Looking throught the Glass" is one of my favourites.( real family facing some difficult things over the years but they just scream "family" and I love that. Everything is so to do with the family and there's so much love there. I would really liketo meet them and experience that total family thing.

And then they fed a pet store rat called Kevin to their pet snake who squeezed it to death and gulped it down for lunch. Sob. They named it and then fed it to a snake. More sobs. But it is a beautiful snake, and it has to eat...but they named it, you got a name, you're family in my book. Just for the record. Snowball will never be fed to a snake. Guinea Pig in a million and much smaller than Kevin. And not big enough to satisfy a snake.